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The Andy Bee Show

You never know what’s next on the andy bee show. The greatest songs of all time while your at work, at home or in your car, this show is for everyone playing a wide selection of tunes. As well as the tunes, there’s a mix of news-showbiz-lifestyle-surveys and audio facts too!

K-Todd 70s

KTODD is a two hour weekly music show that takes you back to that great decade, the 1970s. You'll hear sounds from the movies, TV and radio...and the music that made those 10 years great. KTODD will add an entertaining and music intensive element to a station's sound. The show is well produced, and is full of personality. It gives the listener a chance to interact by phone or social media. It's a great way to liven up a weekend lineup.

K-Todd 80s

The greatest hits of the 80s in a highly-produced, entertaining show.

K-Todd 90s

The greatest hits of the 90s in a highly-produced, entertaining show.

K-Todd Rock Rewind

The best hits of the past 40 years with sound from the TV and movies, too!

K-Todd Classic Country

The greatest hits of the Classic Country in a highly-produced, entertaining show.

JP McCartney ABC Oldies

The greatest hits from the 60s and 70s with a few 50s and occasional 80s. There is a Beatles song every hour and the Classic Countdown with the top 3 of the week.

Retro Album Chart Show

His Retro Album Chart Show features the charts from 2 years each week, and includes the cream of the crop from each (or at least the cream of the relevant crop of his collection...).

Core Confidence Life Podcast

The Core Confidence Life is a personal development program. We interview people who have overcome low confidence and other inner limitations to achieve personal and professional success. We talk to coachess, authors, entertainers and the average person to find out their secrets to success, and to promote their message that will help all who listen.

Perfect Hair

Perfect Hair is a show looking back at the big hair & glam days of rock n roll, with some new stuff sprinkled in.. Stuff most of us grew up with, so grab your Tab soda, dust off your best stone washed jeans and grab your Chucks and join me down memory lane with the best Era of Rock!!  Of course our sights are set on St Jude Childrens Hospital and kiddos fighting cancer. Get Rocked!

IMC Now & Then

IMC Now & Then is a 1hr country music show showcasing the best country music from all around the world.

New Country Brew

The New Country Brew features new upcoming Independent Country artists.

Yellowstone Country

Howdy! Meet your vibrant host, Jackson Hole Rose with her new show, “Yellowstone Country.” She is sure to keep your listeners jammin’ to the newest country music out there today.

Classics With Mr. And Mrs. R.

RnR radio show will be sharing entertaining information about the artist and recorded commits by the artist in our upbeat fun show that will keep listeners tuning in every week.

Broadway Bay

Broadway Bay is a 3 hour show consisting of Disney songs, Broadway Show Toons, and TV themes. Requests are always welcome.
Call (801)382-8337, email: Broadwaybey@gmail.com, please mention that you heard the show from United As 1 Radio!
We have occasional contests as well.

Back TO The Arena

Our show is a weekly 90 minute rock show hosted by DCtheDJ. Each week we feature music from a new CD from the last 90 days. We play the sound of hair metal.  You may call it Glam Metal, AOR, Melodic Rock or just good old Rock And Roll... we play everything from the glory days of hair metal like Poison, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Ratt, Cinderella, Def Leppard and more.... but that's not all.  We also play the newer stuff from bands like Tokyo Motor Fist, Revolution Saints, Wildness, Atlas, One Desire, Arctic Rain and more!

Nige On The Radio

Nigel has been on the radio for over 30 years and has been involved in that time with hospital radio, community radio, rsl's and has also worked production and Commercial Production for Radio City in Liverpool.

He has met and worked with people like Billy J. Kramer, Gerry Marsden, Bill Mitchell (famous voice over), Pete Best and many more.

Nigel has always had a keen interest in 194 Radio City and used to run a website that was a tribute to the memory of the good old 194 days but now runs a '194 Radio City' group on Facebook.

Nigel's interest in music is reflected in his shows with 60s, 70s, easy listening, Northern Soul, novelty songs and lots of songs we all know and love but you don't hear on the radio any more.

You can also find Nige on his Facebook group 'Nige On The Radio' and you can email his show at nigelradio123@gmail.com

New Starz Show

I'm Neil Clark and welcome to New Starz Show. The only show that opens the door to new and up and coming singers, songwriters and musicians lives. Hear their stories and music before anyone else, so, grab a coffee and pull up a chair as I talk to another New Star...See You There

Deuce Radio Show

The Deuce Show is a one-hour radio show presented by Matt Barker and features independent bands and artists promoted by DEUCE from all over the world.
  Further info can be found at https://deucemusic.com 

Pop Culture Cosmos Show

The Discover Pods Awards nominated Pop Culture Cosmos Show and The PCC Multiverse are our look each week at the latest news and trends in pop culture. Catch the latest information on movies, television, streaming, video games, comics, pro wrestling, and more with Josh Pederson, Marcus De La Garza, and Gerald Glassford as they bring you what's hot and what's not in entertainment. 

The Pop Top Music Program

The Pop Top Music Program is an hour long show based on the Billboard pop charts. We take a serfing safari through pop history by using different themes. For each theme we play top ten hits based on that theme. Example, Songs with a color in the title. We play songs anywhere from 1890 to the present.

Fi Shoop’s Cocktail Hour

I’m Fi Shoop and I’ve been on the radio off and on for over a decade. One of the things I love about this station is that we can choose whatever music we like. There is no set playlist which means I get to showcase new talent or play lesser-known tracks by established musicians. The way I work is that every track except for the main album, One to Watch spot and my last song are all related to topics. The last song is always my goodbye for the evening and has that word in the title or lyrics. It’s a good way to end the show and that’s also when the kettle goes on.

I have a set format for the show which varies slightly on busier weeks. The tips are a time factor movable feature but the rest stands – news, songs, topics, reviews, drink-album match, big topic of the week, One to Watch and my sign off, followed by a goodbye track. I play 9-10 songs every week and you’re always welcome to get in touch and ask what they are if you missed the title.

I’m a complete newshound and even missed my magazine column deadline this week after being hooked on Brexit (sorry, editor!). I make notes for the show all week so I don’t forget any news stories or topics that I want to raise – whether that’s Twitter trolling (you can speak to me there on @FiShoop but no trolling, please!), knowing when to quit your job or gig etiquette. On a normal week, the news for the week takes about 2 minutes. During Brexit, it took much longer but I try to address it in such a way that anyone not interested in current affairs or politics doesn’t feel left out and so everyone enjoys the show. It’s not always an easy balance and I turn some stories into topics so they become discussion pieces, not dry rundowns of facts. I love guitar bands and driving rhythms so there are rocking moments every show.

Where do the drinks come in? Every week, when planning the show’s running order, I review drinks, then cocktail match the main album. As well as reviewing the album of choice and playing two tracks from it, I make a drink to enhance the listening process. And that’s what the Cocktail Hour is – no, not hard work but great fun. It’s news, views, reviews, drinks and the best music around.

Paravice City Show

Chad Vice and Kevin Matthews explore some wicked awesome 80s hard rock and metal tunes by big, small and obscure artists from their favorite decade, and spin tunes that aren't the same overplayed radio hits. They look for forgotten gems or songs that mean('t) a lot to them and also discuss the music and stories behind them!

Got an 80s song request? Reach out to the guys on Twitter: Chad @sebcamco & Kevin @5150Mathews

Inside The Quiet Storm

Meet Lisa London, host of The Lisa London Show – Inside the Quiet Storm, bringing you the best in Smooth R&B and Classic Quiet Storm.
You can follow Lisa across her social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On Facebook, LisaLondonShow or on Facebook, Lisa London
Twitter: @LisaLondon88 or @LisaLondonShow


2 hours of "Everything From the 80s". Lots of hits plus the gems that everyone remembers but got locked away. The treasures are all here in The 80s Vault.

The B Zone

Join in each week in "The B Zone with Traci S. Campbell" where Traci and her crew discuss and provide real advice and info to help YOU specifically in the areas of Love and Relationships, Money and Business, and Health/Wellness.

Listen in as we address the issues presented to us in the “Dear B Zone letter” submitted from our followers and listening audience. Listen in to interesting expert and celebrity guest interviews. And brighten your day with the lively and candid conversation as the crew delivers lots of laughs to the audience.

Vinyl Raiders

Vinyl Raiders is a show completely on vinyl records. With music from 1950 through to 2000, the Vinyl Raiders library is being constantly updated with great listenable tunes from yester-year.

As the music is on vinyl, there will be snaps, crackles and pops and the occasional jump. After all, vinyl junkies around the world believe that this is a natural phenomenon. And I want you guys to experience this too.

I used to be a DJ / Presenter for the BBC and I do have a slight speech impediment but do not let this spoil your entertainment.  I live for the music and I know you guys will also love to hear what I will play.

The PCC Multiverse

The Discover Pods Awards nominated Pop Culture Cosmos Show and The PCC Multiverse are our look each week at the latest news and trends in pop culture. Catch the latest information on movies, television, streaming, video games, comics, pro wrestling, and more with Josh Pederson, Marcus De La Garza, and Gerald Glassford as they bring you what's hot and what's not in entertainment.

The Punk and the Princess

Listen in to The Punk and the Princess radio show every Thursday afternoon at 4pm Pacific. Two hours of music and chat with hosts Mika and Dan. Bringing you hits you'll love and new music you're going to love. Find out more at thepunkandtheprincess.com or on social media @punkandprincess.

The Titus Jennings Experience

The Titus Jennings Experience is a programme featuring a wide array of styles, some very new and some rather older, but all hand-picked and sorted in order to give your ears a real treat. As someone once put it "Top Tunes Without Boundaries".


Move the furniture and get ready to dance!

...to the best smooth dancing songs, mainly from the 80’s and 90’s, but also, great music from the 70’s and 2000’s will make an appearance as well.

And all of it formatted like a real nightclub:
Ballads, waltzes, two-steps, triple two-steps, one-steps, polkas, jitterbugs, and even some line dances.

Dance Time in Texas

A weekly show featuring the Top Texas / Red Dirt songs that are packing the dance floors all around Texas. You'll hear new songs, rewind some older ones, and find out the stories behind the songs from the artists themselves.


Gonzo rewinds back to the decade that everyone was wearing Doc Martens and flannel shirts, grunge was hot and we were doing the Macarena. 2 hours of the best hits of the 1990's mixed with memories, sound bites, and newsclips of the decade.

Wake Up With DJ Chris

Wake up with DJ Chris as he plays music from the 80s to today. DJ Chris will also have trivia and his pick of a back to back artist. Also, be sure to feel like you are on a tropical vacation as he will play his tropical jam to make you feel like your on a Island. Get your morning started as this show will make you want to dance and learn.

The Young Country Stampede

The Young Country Stampede Weekly Radio Show is an hour long syndicated program hosted by Bob Krebs and covering today’s best country music. Each week, we highlight the biggest hits from the superstars down to the rising stars with our Spotlight Single of the Week.

Radio ReHab with Dana Williams

Radio ReHab is a weekly three-hour program. The lively format includes new music features, behind the scenes stories, artist drop-in interviews, never-before-heard song demos and much more.

Net Radio Dogs Road Show

Net Radio Dogs Road Show is a fun-loving good time that showcases today's Bluegrass, Newgrass, and Americana hits!

We also bring in the stars of yesterday like:

Bill Monroe
Ralph Stanley
Jimmy Martin
and more!

Steve's Country Road

Each week I try and show my knowledge for the music in a one hour show, bringing you Country Classics mixed with New Country sounds.

Plus, introducing the Independent Country acts who are making a name for themselves on the circuit today.

All in all, providing a good selection of the music we love.

Send Me Your Requests

Email me at: stevescountryroad@btinternet.com or contact me via my social media Facebook: @stevescountryroad Twitter: @StevesCountryRd

This is SKA

With your host Middagh Goodwin. 2 hours of Ska and Rocksteady every week, the hits, the misses, the deep cuts and rarities from every era.

The Friday Night Shuffle

The Friday Night Shuffle is an unconventional two hour gospel radio program that seeks to impact and empower the youth and young adults alike through music that carries a positive message and inspires. The radio program showcases and adorns new talents from across the globe and also features segments such as Fresh Cutz (new music segment), Godspiration, Did you know?, Top 10 countdown among others.

Club United

Show Description Coming Soon

Hitman's Retro Blast

Show Description Coming Soon

The Official Texas Countdown with Chuck Taylor

The Official Texas Countdown with Chuck Taylor is the longest-running original countdown of Texas music! The Show has been on the air since June of 2002. Based out of Ft Worth Texas, The Official Texas Countdown is heard on more that 40 radio stations nationwide including KHYI in Dallas, Texas!

Suzanne's Saturday Hop with Susanne Taggart

Back in 2015, (after 4 years of hosting an online Talk Show) Susanne was offered the chance to host her own music show, so she decided to go back to her roots.

Each week Susanne plays authentic tracks from the ’50s through to the Revival of the ’70s and ’80s, including some R&B and Doo-wop numbers, both traditional and obscure.

Not forgetting to add the information behind the music. She also includes the bands that are on the Rock ‘n’ Roll circuit today.
Send Me Your Requests to thehop@btinternet.com (Please mention you heard the show from United As 1 Radio!)
or contact me via socials: Facebook @TheSaturdayHop and on Twitter: @SaturdayHop


It's a 3 hour trip celebrating 2 decades of some of the best music ever recorded. Filled with plenty of forgotten memories mixed with a variety of music from the 70's through the 80's.

The Texas Country Music Countdown

This is a 2 hour weekly countdown show featuring the top 20 hits as based off of the Texas Country Music Chart.

Juan And The Spanish Mix

This is a show where you will be able to hear Spanish music of all types. We could be playing something older then something from the most popular groups. Get ready to hear for example regional latin, pop, regeton salsa banda nortena etc. Hope you will give us a listen and enjoy a very unique show.

Southern Inspirations

Playing your favorite Southern Gospel.

The R.&s;B. Experience

Playing real rhythm & blues music from Australia & around the world.And I am always happy for people to email me with music suggestions, comments, queries and the like at rnbexperienceradio@gmail.com or find my Facebook page “The R&s;B Experience Radio Show”

Sunday Praise

Playing a variety of Gospel hits!

The Red Dirt Flirt

The music that has inspired people like Garth Brooks continues to round up new generations of fans. The Red Dirt Flirt brings you into that collective audience where the underground scene of music is evolving from Oklahoma, Texas, and surrounding areas.


Gonzo takes listeners on a trip back to the decade that gave us the Rubik's Cube, MTV, and Reaganomics. It's 2 hours filled with great music from Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and many others.

Midnight Madness

In early 2019 I started producing Midnight Madness, and I would like to thank you for having me on this station. With the connections that I have with bands, managers, PR people, and record companies I am able to bring the listeners mostly new rock/metal music some of which has not been released to the public yet, and it is a true honor to help up and coming bands, and give music fans some great new rock, so thank you one and all.

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